Rounded tilt rod and rod pocket
Our beautifully sculpted tilt rod hints at the quality of overall construction.
It provides solid positive control of the louvers that, due to our hardwood construction, will not loosen over time.

Hardwood Dowel Construction
Our use of fluted dowels combined with the superior strength of our genuine hardwood materials means the BattleRidge shutter offers superior strength and durability.

Elliptical Louvers
The elliptical shape of our louvers helps to make them stronger and more warp resistant. They also provide a rich sculpted look and feel.

BattleRidge offers three standard louver sizes, click here for details.

Teflon Pivot Pin
It’s important that a quality shutter not only look good, but it must also operate like a well oiled machine. Our Teflon impregnated pivot pins provide for smooth squeak free operation.